your best golf?
you have to be drvn.
This is Golf Training On Demand!
move. train. play.

With DRVN, we have made the best Golf Training in the game more accessible, more impactful and more personalised than ever before!

Workouts, Stretching, Practice Sessions, Drills and more On Demand from as little as 5 minutes per session!

With DRVN, you are only ever 3 clicks away from the best Training for your body and game!

why drvn?

Because then, you can always be making progress!

Select your focus, time and equipment to get a specifically designed Golf Training Session exactly to your needs!

Designed and crafted by PGA Pro's and Fitness Specialists, you will not only improve your Golf Swing, you will dramatically improve your health and fitness to!

Golf Fitness is Fitness and with the DRVN Golf App the best version of you awaits!


You've probably heard of us as GOLFWOD, your Golf Workout of the Day...

GOLFWOD is alive and better than ever as part of the DRVN App!

5 Levels of Golf Training Programs fresh every single day so you can train like the best year round!

And if you've ever tried GOLFWOD in the past, you need to get back in right now, this is a whole new level!

the future of golf fitness!

DRVN is for everyone!

Our programs will help you on the course and help you improve your Golf Swing!

They will do a whole lot more as well...

'Golf Specific' is done. Golfers need to train for health, for fitness, to build muscle, to improve mobility, to enjoy the challenge and so much more! That is what we deliver.

No more boring programs that leave you wondering why you are even taking the time, with DRVN you will get phenomenal workouts, stretching, drills and more tailored to your level and with huge gains on and off the course!

Helping you to become your best on and off the course. This is DRVN.

golf and fitness

For so long everyone considered Golf Fitness...

This has to change and the time is now!

It is Golf AND Fitness and that is what DRVN delivers better than anyone else!

Hit the Golf Section for Swing Exercises, Warm Ups, Practice Sessions, Drills and short Golf Focused Workouts.

Hit the Fitness section for the best workout program you've ever had with every type of fitness focused on helping you get the body you want, build muscle, move the way you want AND have the tools to improve your Golf Swing! This is different, this is DRVN.

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