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Our goal is, and always has been, to be the #1 Golf Fitness Platform in the Game.

As the movement grows, are you next?!

We have Affiliates on every continent delivering industry leading golf workouts and helping golfers to be their best on and off the course!

In 2024 we take the next step... In January, the first Golfers and Fitness Coaches will go through the GOLFWOD Certification and become a GOLFWOD Pro.

And soon after that, the GOLFWOD Pro App will give you more access to remote coaching than ever before.

The Strongest Movement in Golf, are you ready?

Certification Course - Pro's - GOLFWOD
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We have 10 Spaces available for our soon to be released GOLFWOD Certification Course and you could be one of the few to save BIG and be one of the first GOLFWOD Pro's out there!

Download the Course Prospectus, choose your track and act quickly to be a part of this extremely limited Pre-Sale!

With Course Launch set for early 2024, you can set yourself up for huge growth and progress in your coaching and your business.

And we can't wait to help you be better than ever before!

Certification course - golf track

Aimed at Fitness Coaches, Personal Trainers and Gym Owners looking to enhance their skill set, get access to a new market and build their business!

The Course will focus on:

  • The Fundamentals of the Golf Swing
  • Understanding of Ball Flights, Impact and Golf Technology.
  • Understanding Faults and Fixes and delivering solutions to all golfers.
  • Golf Focused Strength and Conditioning.
  • The GOLFWOD Assessment and Golf Specific Coaching Elements.
  • Business Growth, Social Amplification and Revenue Strategies.

Take the path to working in Golf Fitness to expand your business, improve your Skills and enhance your impact!

Certification course - fitness track

For Golfers, Pros and Golf Coaches to develop a fundemantal understanding of the human body and golf specific movement patterns to improve Swings of all kinds!

The Course will focus on:

  • The Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning.
  • Enhance your analysis of human movement specific to the Golf Swing.
  • Learn the basics of lifestyle choices and nutritional consistency.
  • Deliver the GOLFWOD Assessment and guide future progressions.
  • Work with Golfers to set a Training focus to enhance mechanics and physical ability.
  • Business Growth, Social Amplification and Revenue Strategies.

We want to help Golfers in all areas understand how impactful and beneficial Golf Fitness and Wellness can be. And GOLFWOD is the way!

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Become a GOLFWOD Certified Pro!

Lifetime Membership to the GOLFWOD App and all GOLFWOD Resources.

Deliver GOLFWOD programs to golfers and individuals of all levels.

Complete the GOLFWOD Assessment.

Link the Golf Swing to Human movement for incredible results.

Have your content posted through all of our social channels.

Build the platform and your share by sending players to the GOLFWOD App.

Network with Coaches and Players worldwide as we continue to build our global community.

Benefit from our experience both in terms of the GOLFWOD programming but also brand and business management and growth.

Increase revenue with numerous income streams and further commercial opportunities. 

Be a part of the Strongest Movement in Golf.

Be the first to access to the GOLFWOD Pro's App in 2024!

Certification Course - Coaches - GOLFWOD
Why Are You Here?

Because Golfers, like everyone else, know that Health and Fitness is Vital!

Vital for your lifestyle, your longevity and also, for your Golf!

But training hasn't always been a thing in golf so you're probably wondering why you should change that now?!

Why? Because our members have proven that the Golf Fitness Lifestyle will bring you Longer Drives, Lower Scores and help you get the Body and Fitness Level you want!

We've been on this journey for a while and have worked with all levels with incredible results. We understand your needs, we understand what you want to achieve and we are here to help!

Is this really for Me?!

Yes. If you want to help golfers from all backgrounds improve your health, fitness and golf swing this is absolutely for you!

We have workouts and programs for ALL levels - experience and equipment - and have had golfers from 15 to 74 use GOLFWOD to see huge results!

Enhance what you do with GOLFWOD!

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That's right, we can grow the movement together and you can create an incredible online revenue source when you do!

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The Driving Force in a Golf and Fitness Revolution. Let's change the Game!