DRVN Golf Fitness Bundle

DRVN Golf Fitness Bundle

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The total package to help you build confidence, be consistent and smash all of your goals!

Work with the DRVN Professionals Team on your Game, Training and Nutrition to have a roadmap that leads directly to the future you want to create!

Less time, more progress, this package is for the Golfer who is tired of wasting time and money on clubs, coaching, gyms etc and instead wants one place where they can focus their efforts and actually be rewarded.

That place is DRVN and when you work with us we guarantee results.

And right now we have a limited time offer for you to save $100!!

What's included with the Golf Fitness Bundle:

📱 Lifetime access to the DRVN Golf and Fitness App.

📈 Personalised Onboarding with the DRVN Team to align all of your goals and create the optimal place to start with our programs and training.

💰 Additional resources to help you progress including our new Handbook and our Nutrition guide.

🥩 Program selection, training frequency, mobility focus points and nutritional plan.

🏌🏽‍♂️ Personalised Golf Swing Coaching Video to link your swing to changes in your body.

👊 Unlimited support from the DRVN Team.

💰 10% Discount on all DRVN & GOLFWOD Merch.

🌎 Join the worldwide community of Golfers on the same journey as you and share your progress.

Lifetime Membership, no subscriptions (no further payments ever!!) and we have more programs and features than ever! With our biggest updates yet, new programs and proven success you are getting the access to the training platform that will see you smash your goals on and off the course!

Save Time, get the Plan you need AND Play Your Best Golf Ever with DRVN!

How this works:

Purchase your membership here and download your resources. We will then setup your app account and remember, if you already have an app store held subscription, you must cancel this as we can't do it for you and you do not need to pay again.

We recommend you then perform all of the assessment for Mobility, Fitness and Game in the app to help us understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can then send over the requested onboarding details to the Team.

We then create you and in depth, personalised pathway to get the most out of your DRVN Membership and see real progress on and off the course. This will include which programs to follow, how to maximise your mobility and a nutritional framework to follow.

We also then need videos of your swing and from there, we will deliver a full length video coaching response for you to watch any time. This is key as it will help you to align all of your goals in the gym and on the course for even faster progress and save you time and money versus going to get expensive lessons from a coach who doesn't know your body or goals as well as we do.

This is the secret sauce!

With all of this you will have the best possible place to start your Golf Fitness journey with DRVN and see the kind of results you have always dreamed of!

Hit purchase now to get started, we can't wait to get to work!


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Less pressure on my back and more strength in my legs! Swing feels easy and the body feels good too, makes practice feel awesome!

Chris D, UK

This is indeed the BEST platform in so many ways, I feel like I have so much more purpose in the gym instead of figuring it out myself!

Josh W, USA