so you can play, but can you train like a pro?

Are you at your Golfing potential? Or could you better with a Pro Level Training Program on the go?
time to find out how good you could really be...

Not many players get to Single Figure Handicaps but you did - awesome work!

But what could you do if you had a Golf Specific Training Program like the Pro's? How good could you be?

4 Handicap for entry level Pro status? Shooting under Par? Competing at a higher level?

In 2024, we want to help you realise your potential so you can do this and more!

More distance, more accuracy and lower scores as well as a body you can be proud of...

Sounds like a lot but with GOLFWOD this is now your reality!

you'll feel and see the difference in just 7 days!

So imagine what you can do in a year!

Playing good golf and already in the gym? Good. Playing good Golf and out of shape? Good. Playing good Golf and already using a golf specific program? Good.

Until you have tried GOLFWOD you are not reaching your potential and we want you to see why. The best Workouts in Golf specifically designed into a Training Program that suits your lifestyle and takes you far past your goals!

The best option for a Golfer looking for proven results, Pro Team Accountability & confidence in the process?

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we do the work, you follow the program:

Why should you trust GOLFWOD above everyone else out there? Because this is what we do and thousands of golfers around the world are seeing results right now.

This is a program thrown together by a Personal Trainer who has some Golf Clients. This isn't a Golf Pro trying his best to put Strength Programs together.

This is a combination of nearly a decades worth of PGA Professional Coaching, Competing and building incredible Golf Programs with a decorated Fitness qualifications, Gym Ownership and thousands of lives changed.

This is our passion and we do it better than anyone else.

This is why we know you can trust us with what is most important to you.

Your Game, your body and your fitness. Trust us and you will reap the rewards!

what you need to get started:

At your level, we are looking at specifics, discipline and clear progressions.

Head to Level 3 in the App and work with one of our high level programs:

Strength and Performance or SCRATCH Performance.

Whats the difference? Strength requires full equipment and compound lifts, SCRATCH focuses on Kettlebells or Dumbbells and Bands and/or Med Balls.

You can also go into our unique Daily Workouts which run all year round with specific focus points throughout the season!

This is the future of Golf Fitness.

This is how onboarding works:

1: Make your purchase and send over the requested details including Swing Videos.

2: Get your Live App Membership with unlimied access and NO subscriptions.

3: Get your personalised GOLFWOD Pathway including Swing Analysis, Drills and Practice Sessions aligned to your Workout Program. This creates incredible results!

4: Follow on Programs and progressions included as well as a nutritional overview and plan.

5: You follow the program with confidence and accountability and see progress week on week.

6: Play your best Golf ever, like what you see when you look in the mirror and tell all of your playing partners about GOLFWOD!

This can be you too!
Andrews testimonial:

My goal is to look good naked and if I can also hit it farther and be more stable in my golf swing that’s perfect.

I work out 5 days a week generally and don’t play as much golf as I did before kids, maintaining a game that hovers around scratch is my goal.

why do this?

Because of how good you can be!

You play good golf and this can take you to the next level and it will!

Don't leave it too long and go out thinking that you could have done more, that you could be shooting under par, you could be qualifying for bigger events...

Don't let your playing partners hit it further off the tee and get you by a couple of shots.

Put in the effort your game deserves and experience a level of golf you've always known was possible but you had never reached.

2024 is your time to Golf Strong.

track and share your progress:

With the awesome Golf Fitness Handicap you can Track your Workouts the same as you track your Scores!

Complete your Scorecard after your Workout to see your Handicap go up or down and if you don't get your Workouts in, it's going up as well! This is how you Train like you Play!

You can also Track your Swing progressions over time so you can not only see the changes but also store and log the 'Feel' you had on the Range so you can chase it down next time too.

We think of everything so you can be successful and as per our mission statement, we are here to help every golfer out there:

'To inspire health and fitness through and for Golf!'


Less pressure on my back and more strength in my legs! Swing feels easy and the body feels good too, makes practice feel awesome!

Chris D, UK

This is indeed the BEST platform in so many ways, I feel like I have so much more purpose in the gym instead of figuring it out myself!

Josh W, USA
ready to get started on your own?

The GOLFWOD App is laid out so you can login, get the best exercises for your Swing and go straight to the program you need for your Golf Swing!

So if you know how you like to train but want everything planned for you, including mobility, speed sessions and drills, jump in to the New Years Sale with our best deals on Annual or 3 Month Membership below!

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Putting: How to Improve at Home - GOLFWOD

Putting: How to Improve at Home

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Putting: How to Improve at Home!

We all want to improve our putting and these drills give you a simple way to do exactly that wherever you are!

This simple, high quality ebook helps you to work on your Putting Stroke at home no matter the weather:

  • Putting overview
  • How to make the most of your time
  • Setting up a Putting Mat
  • Stats to track your progress
  • Indoor Putting Drills
  • Example Practice Sessions
  • Advanced and Outdoor Drills

Shave strokes off your score without even leaving the house and set yourself to hole more putts in 2024!

All of our Ebooks are individual products and as such do not integrate with the DRVN APP. 

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