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More than 20 different starting points from Zero Equipment and Beginners through to Performance based Golf Strength and Conditioning.

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No Additional fees EVER - you get everything!

Mobility, Stretching and Warm Ups with your program and more available.

PGA Drills and Structured Practice Sessions aligned to your Training for phenomenal Gains on and off the Course!

The unique Golf Fitness Handicap to track your progress and Train Like You Play!

The best digital coaching experience in Golf Fitness!

Help and Support from the incredible GOLFWOD Professionals Team.

This is how you actually get better at Golf and drastically improve your Health and Fitness as you do!

The Strongest Movement in Golf!

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how any golfer can train, get fitter and play better golf!

Your Golf Workout of the Day! And so much more! Yes, when you get your Membership you get ALL of our game changing Workouts now and into the future, but you also get Mobility and Stretching Routines, Golf Specifics, PGA Swing Coaching Drills, Structured Range Sessions, amazing coaching and more - that is why thosands of Golfers around the world train with us!

What's better? Dramatically reduce injury risk with better Flexibility, more Strength and an improved Golf Swing! (You'll have way more energy on the course too. Bonus!)

Start with low impact, high benefit programs to help you move freely and feel way better, jump into our proven performance programs to dominate the competition or anywhere in between - this is for every single golfer!

Get your first Golf Fitness Handicap now!

but i want to play better golf, not just lift weights?

This isn't all training and lifting weights, you are going to change your swing for the better too. With PGA Drills and structured Practice Sessions specifically designed  to align your training and swing mechanics for a complete coaching platform at a fraction of the cost!

Do all of this in person with the GOLFWOD Team, it's around $2500, use the exact same techniques with the GOLFWOD App, from less than $20 a month!

Not only that, you can do it in your time, on your schedule and wherever you want to!

When you get started, your body will notice the difference immediately, this is good, it means its working! If you need a jump start to feel fresh before you play, use our golf specific warm ups to get loose and play your best!

Our unique and proven year round approach means that you always know what you need to do. Don't feel sore or struggle with aches and pains, get used to feeling fast, flexible and full of energy all year round so in or out of season you can always expect your swing to deliver consistency and distance!

your handheld golf coaching team!

With just one Membership you can:

Get your Workout in without searching the internet, using a half assed trainer or wandering around wondering what to do.

Build a better swing without getting lessons whilst moving better, hitting drills and using our fully designed practice sessions.

Have confidence that you are actually making progress in the gym, on the course and in everyday life!

Save time and money whilst training with the #1 Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game!

Be part of something bigger as your join our Worldwide community of golfers!

The best thing? We do it all for you - create the workouts, design the sets and reps, align the drills, set the practice... All you have to do is follow the program!

This is why golfers around the world choose to Gol f Strong with GOLFWOD!

why you need golfwod...

All Golfers want to Play better Golf, but what is that?

Lower Scores, More Distance and More Enjoyment with less aches, pains and bad days on the course!

Well with GOLFWOD you can get exactly that and improve your Health, Fitness and Wellness as well as improve your busy schedule!

How do we know? Because Golfers all around the world are doing exactly that right now and loving every step of the process!

When you get your Membership today, the GOLFWOD Team will set you up for success and when you follow our Programs, you will feel a difference in the FIRST WEEK!

More Energy, Better Movement and the Confidence of having The Strongest Team in Golf on Your Side!

And all you have to do? Sign Up for your Membership and let GOLFWOD perfectly align your Training, Stretching, Practice and more for less than $10 a month!!

Yes, it is time for you to Golf strong!

want the team to help you get started?

Click GO, Sign Up and let the GOLFWOD Professionals Team set you up for long term Golfing Success!
So you start the free trial:

What should you expect?

Clear, enjoyable progress on and off the course as you let the GOLFWOD Team build your Fitness, Stretching and Practice around what you love most: Golf!

Complete the workouts at yourt level alongside the guidance and coaching of the GOLFWOD Team to know that what you're doing in the gym or at home is helping you become the best version of yourself on and off the course!

You then experience the true Tour Team feel as you log back into the app for simple, effective Stretching and Mobility sessions, use the proven PGA Drills to hit the ball with speed and amazing consistency, add structure to your practice and track all of your progress right here too!

This is the complete platform so you can be the complete golfer! You can also be in no doubt, we will be working as hard to improve everything we do as much as you work on your game to be better than ever too!

With GOLFWOD you won't be lefting hoping your game improves at a certain point, you'll see it!