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The GOLFWOD App Update is in final processing and will be live within Hours!

GOLFWOD is the complete Golf Training Program with every program a Golfer could need, the best workouts in Golf and new On Demand elements for Practice, Stretching Drills and more!

The DRVN Golf App is in the final stages and we are aiming to launch on Masters Day 1!

The DRVN Golf App is personalised, on demand training in 30 minutes or less!

Your best Golf? you have the DRVN!

3 Month App Membership - DRVN Golf
how do you get your hands on the app?

With the Pre-Sale, you can download and get to work with GOLFWOD immediately and then will be the first to get access to the new upload (plus save yourself money on membership to start the year!)

With DRVN you are getting a special, one time only launch discount and will have your account setup and ready to go as soon as we launch! Be the first!

If you're a GOLFWOD Member already, you don't need to get the DRVN App as well and your account will automatically update when we launch the update!

This is the biggest week of the year in golf! The Masters is on too #DRVN


No. When you purchase this membership there are no additional fees and you get access to all current and future programs as well as the Drills, Warm Ups, Practice Sessions and more.

You don't need to. This is a one time purchase not a subscription, so your App Membership will run for 1 year and never charge you again whilst you make a huge amount of progress!

Not specifically, because you don't need one! We have spent thousands of hours with individuals on both Fitness and Golf and have put everything into these programs. Not sure if you're on the right track? Change Program, go to the daily, contact the Team... Either way, we always have what golfers need to get to their best!

We have programs starting from zero equipment all the way through to advanced Strength and Conditioning Programs. Choose the Program for you with what you have access to and never look back!

You have 3 elements in the App - the Golf Fitness Handicap you score straight after your workouts, the GOLFWOD Total to test and set new high scores for our 5 point Golf Fitness Test and Track My Swing so you can upload your on course progress too! Get into the app, use the Handbook and never look back.

If you're consistent and follow the Program, absolutely yes! We have thousands of Golfers around the world making huge progress and we know you can do it to! Feel like your struggle, use the community element of the app to talk to other golfers and the GOLFWOD Team to get right back on track and crushing your goals.

Yes, but not here. This purchase is in line with our Terms and Conditions but if you want to trial the App, head to the App Stores and get a 7 day free trial now!


7-day free trial

then $30 per month

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7-day free trial

then $30 per month

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