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team taylormade: whats in my bag

DRVN by performance! I'm Michael, Founder and Head of Performance here at DRVN and a proud member of Team TaylorMade!

I have a full bag of TaylorMade Equipment, here is what I play:

Qi10 LS Driver @ 9.25 Degrees

Qi10 Tour 3 Wood @ 14 Degrees

P790 3 iron & P770 4 Iron

P7 MB Irons 5-9

MG4 Wedges @ 46, 50, 56 & 60

Spider X Flow Tour Putter

We can't wait to help you play your best golf and get the most out of your clubs too!

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No. When you sign up for app membership you get all of our workouts, the exclusive daily programming and everything else we have to offer.

Absolutely. We have workouts from Beginners through to Performance level and always give Equipment and Movement options.

In the App, you can log your workouts, training, mobility and more to Train Like you Play. So just like with your game, if you're making progress, your Handicap goes down. Consistency, Progress and Feedback.

No, we put absolutely everything we have into the workouts in the app and guarantee that we have what you are looking for! All of our huge experience in Golf and Fitness means that we deliver the programs that golfers need and the experience will create a personalised, tour feel to your progress!

100% Look at the best players in the world, look at the GOLFWOD community... Our workouts will help you in so many different ways on and off the course and we are here to help you on that journey.

We have many different programs all with different focus areas, equipment needs and timeframes to ensure you have the options you need to be successful.

No, the benefit of purchasing through the website is the price and the fact there are no subscriptions, through this site it is a one time purchase. We then set your account up within 12 hours (usually way less) of purchase and you are set and ready to Golf Strong.

Yes, younger golfers too! We have all types of programs including Over 50's, Ladies Golf Fitness, Junior Academy programs. Get the Starter Pack and check it all out!